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Dear Friend/Family,

Cancer Sucks!  We all know someone that has fought this terrible disease.  

My journey began when I was in 3rd grade.  My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it had metastized.  She had a radical mastectomy.  She fought bravely for 2 years.  My memories are of not being allowed to visit her in the hospital because back then, children were not allowed.  They would wheel my mom to the end of the hospital hall where there were big windows – she would sit in her wheelchair and wave to us as best she could.  Towards the end, the cancer had spread to her brain.  I would send pictures I had colored, but by then she couldn’t remember who I was.  

The last time I saw my mom was when my dad had each one of us children (starting with me as I was the oldest) to go into her bedroom to say “goodbye”.  We weren’t told that she was dying or that we wouldn’t see our mommy again, but deep down, we knew.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for my mom to hug each of her four little children knowing they would grow up without her by their side.  After our goodbyes, my dad slowly walked my mom down the flight of stairs.  

I came home from school (I was in the 5th grade) on a pretty spring day and I saw a car in our driveway.  I walked inside and the priest from our church was sitting in our living room with my dad.  My dad had asked that the priest come to tell us 4 children that their mommy had passed away.

Every one of my siblings have passed away from cancer– all before age 55.  My sister, Kathy, died of ovarian cancer; my brother, Mark, of prostate cancer and my little brother, Eric, leukemia.  So this walk is near and dear to my heart as the BRCA I/BRCA II gene was the culprit for 2 possibly 3 of their deaths. 

It is my honor to walk my 6th year in the 2 Day Atlanta Breast Cancer Walk this October.  The walk is 30 miles (20 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday).  

$15,000 is my goal to raise this year, and I’m hoping you can help me!  Any amount is very much appreciated and, there are several ways to donate:

Mail in your donation to:

Enclosed is a brochure – complete and mail it to It’s the Journey (270 Carpenter Dr., #515, Atlanta, GA  30328 (mark donation for walker, Laurie McFadden) or myself (11161 Calypso Dr., Alpharetta, GA  30009).

Go online to: 


Your support is so very much appreciated!

Yours truly,

Laurie (LOLA)

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Feb 9, 2020 5:40 PM
Will be thinking of you. Have a great walk!
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Feb 7, 2020 6:23 PM
praying for great weather
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Jan 30, 2020 3:24 PM
Best of luck Laurie to you and your team.
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Jan 26, 2020 9:34 AM
Laurie - Thanks for your passion and support for this cause!
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Jan 22, 2020 10:58 AM
Hope you have a good weather for the walk. Thanks for caring!
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Jan 22, 2020 8:09 AM
Thank you for your dedication!
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